The Many Virtues of the Much-Derided Custom Printed Plastic Pen

“Please Take One!” And we do. Every time. Whether we need one or not, a plastic pen with a logo on it moves quickly from the customer service counter to our pocket or purse, on its way to sit on a desk, in a drawer, or between two couch cushions. This happens consistently—even though we have a zillion at home and don’t need another and prefer a good metal pen anyway. Why, even as I write this I’m sitting at the auto shop staring at a click-action plastic pen with the name of my car mechanic in bright white on the barrel. Love ’em, hate ’em, or a little of both, there’s just something about the plastic printed pen with someone else’s logo on it that draws us in…. But what is that something, exactly? Let’s take a look under the hood.

A full nine out of 10 of us have at least one personalized pen—that’s more than any other promotional product and on par with the number of folks who have cell phones. Despite voice texts and mobile deposits, the pen and paper stay alive. Folks like free pens, and promotional plastic pens in particular.

But that doesn’t mean the custom printed plastic pen hasn’t undergone its fair share of tough knocks through the years. Below are some of the main criticisms faced by the hapless plastic pen, along with the trailblazers leading the charge toward maintaining the curious, persistent clout that is the customized plastic pen!

Plastic Printed Pens Are Cheap Affordable

Most plastic pens aren’t destined for heirloom status. Be that as it may, promotional pens have a CPI (Cost Per Impression) of 1/10 of a cent—making them the most affordable promotional product you can get when it comes to maximizing exposure for your brand. Here are a few remarkably budget-friendly best-sellers that deliver marketing impressions again and again:

Custom Printed Plastic Pens Are Flimsy Feel Like Metal

These gleaming pens give you a metal look and feel at a plastic price–smart math all around!

Plastic Printed Pens Are Unfashionable the Height of Fashion

Whether it’s an integrated stylus, soft touch rubberized barrel, or iridescent finish, today’s plastic pen lets you make the statement that suits your style. Check out these trendy winners:

Custom Printed Plastic Pens Are Bad for the Environment Eco-Friendly!

Plastic isn’t known as a friend of Mother Nature. But some plastic’s better than others and the best options mix renewable resources (like wheat or coffee) in with the plastic. These are our current favorites:

Plastic Pens Are Boring Bold and Fun!

The latest manufacturing technology including full color logos and wrap-around imprints means your promotional plastic pen can be the showstopper you’re seeking. A few of our favorites:

From Coffee Bars to Car Repair, Healthcare to Home Insurance, Plastic Pens Still Spread the Word

My mechanic did a great job (50k mile maintenance in under 90 minutes) and with his Yelp profile on the barrel of the custom printed plastic pen that I stuck in my purse, chances are good I’ll make good on my promise to leave him a five-star review. Another win for the promotional plastic pen!

Take a look at our wide selection of Custom Plastic Pens and find the one that suits your style and budget. And if you’re on the fence between plastic and metal, check out our blog post Metal Pens or Plastic Pens: Which Promotes Your Brand Best? Share your favorite plastic pen with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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