How to Get COVID Safe in the Workplace Video: COVID Safety Tips & Products

See COVID workplace safety tips to get your office or store ready for employees & customers. Plus watch the video How to Get COVID Safe in the Workplace.

These are the words we’ve all been longing to read for so many months: the curve is flattening in many communities and businesses are re-opening. And while that is incredibly encouraging, especially for the small business community, we’re left with a question we haven’t had to answer before, “How do you handle COVID workplace safety?”.

Your employees and customers will want to know your plan for COVID safety, from the way you handle orders to your cleaning strategies. We’ve compiled a few workplace safety tips by area in your business (outside, entrance, etc.) along with health safety products that make this transition a bit easier.

And don’t miss our How to Get COVID Safe in the Workplace Video for easy tips!

Health & Safety Product Ideas for the Workplace

From custom signs to “wash your hands” labels, each of these health and safety products are geared towards making your business both seen and safe.

1. Outside: Custom Signs

Now’s the time to shout it from the rooftops that you’re re-opening your business! Update your typical signage with any updated information: business hours, indoor/outdoor seating now available, or new services. Also try different locations for your signage: perhaps a sandwich board sign or a sail sign directing people to your location and a banner on the face of your business.

You can find even more business reopening products like custom totes, magnets, and more.

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2. The Entrance: Hand Sanitizer Dispenser & Social Distancing Decals

This is your chance to set the tone from the minute customers enter your business: you’re putting COVID-19 safety first with touch-free hand sanitizers and social distancing decals.

  • EuroFit Sani-Station Floor Kit: part custom sign, part hand sanitizer station, this is a smart way to greet your customers. The kit includes a battery-powered, automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that easily attaches to the display. If you’re looking for individual hand sanitizers, check out this list of bulk hand sanitizers in stock.
  • 12” Circular Decal: a top COVID safety tip is to practice social distancing and these sturdy vinyl circular decals provide a great visual guide for customers and employees.

3. The Checkout Counter or Front Desk: Barriers, Counter Signs & Touch-Free Stylus Pens

The checkout counter or reception desk is where most interactions between employees and customers happen, and there are plenty of health and safety products that can minimize the risk of exposure.

4. Employee Work Areas: Workplace Safety Signs, Masks & Thermometers

Return to work safety is critical to the health and wellness of your employees. Along with clearly communicating your cleaning strategy and schedule, placing reminders around the workplace will help employees stay on top of keeping their hands clean. Offer additional safeguards with health safety products like face masks and thermometers.

We’re so proud to be working together with small businesses, and couldn’t be more excited to help as you get back at it with health safety products. If you have any questions for us on COVID safety for the workplace, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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